I understand you guys are upset that Justin Bieber finally got arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol but let’s not be ignorant. We all know he’s been getting negative press and anyone would be depressed because of it. That doesn’t mean that just because he was on anti-depressants that he is suicidal. Do you even realize that people actually have medical depression but they aren’t suicidal? This isn’t a revelation. He isn’t the first person to take anti-depressants. Everyone gets depressed. There are people who take anti-depressant pills and can still function in daily life. You’re treating this like he’s a four year old. Whenever he’s caught smoking you portray him as an adult who can make his own choices but when he messes up he’s a depressed teen with deep issues.These double standards are ridiculous and he needs to learn a goddamn lesson. Just because he’s Justin Bieber doesn’t mean he’s held at a higher regard than all of us.

And as for the Jared Padalecki fiasco, you all need to calm the hell down. Calling him untalented and bashing Supernatural is cowardly when about 98% of you haven’t even watched the show therefore you can’t say shit. If what he said “offended” then great. I hope you’re happy with the taste of your own medicine. I think there’s more for you to worry about than Jared talking about Justin. After all, he is the confused -depressed-fragile teen you claim him to be.

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Most of you who are having a fucking bitch fit over this picture are either well into your twenties or ignorant as shit so I’d suggest you fix your bullshit before you call others delusional. And as for Jiley shippers, you should just sit the fuck down. No needs to hear your constant butthurt bitching. Please, let’s take it down a notch 👌

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ugh come back and update twisted its so good:(

I will once I stop failing math and science

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Cant yoy at lesst fucking queue something during your "absense" do you realise yoy have followers for a reason? Dont be a selfish bitch

I honestly don’t have any time for this bullshit so you can stop.

So are you leaving? :(

I don’t really know…other things are going on in my life that are both good and not so good that I need to work out

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Your the fakest stan ever. Younjust levae when things get rough lol

I have a lot of other shit to deal with as of late, so I could do without your shitty English and attitude, thank you. Feliz Navidad.

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when you said ur not really interested in the contents on your blog anymore, did you mean that you dont really like justin or selena anymore?

I’m not interested in all this bullshit and drama so yeah

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Why rnt you on anymore

I’m not really interested in the contents of this blog anymore…

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Flo Rida won’t get the fuck off the stage omf

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